Submit your updated report as a single word processor file. Name the file using the following convention


Have one member of the group email this file to me (john [dot] jones [at-sign] mail [dot] wvu [dot] edu) before 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 8.


Requirements and submission procedure for final submission of Job Materials

Here are the instructions for the final submission of your job materials.

For this submission, you will submit one file, your resume.

I want you to revise your resume so that it meets and the standards of the rubric for this assignment, paying particular attention to

  1. Updating or improving the layout and design of the document following the best principles of design that we have addressed in the class
  2. Adding at least three skills that you have developed or refined over the course of this semester

Name your file using the following convention:


and place it in a folder in your Google Drive course folder named


Please submit your resume as an editable document from your word processing program. You may include a .pdf if you believe the formatting of your file might be affected.

Report proposal memo

The memos should be no longer than one page. They should contain:

  1. A description of the controversy, including a brief summary of the various arguments that can be made about the topic and the stakeholders (individuals, companies, interest groups) in the controversy with their positions identified.
  2. An annotated bibliography of at least six high quality sources. Follow the guidelines for vetting sources that we will discuss in the library session. Annotations should be 2-3, detail-packed sentences.

Submitting usability test memos

  1. Submitting the memo: I would like for one member of each group to email me a copy of the group’s Usability Test Memo. When I have graded the memos, I will place a copy of the memo and grade rubric in each group member’s course folder.
  2. Naming your file: Please include the last names of each group member the name of the file along with the word “UserTest”.
  3. File type: Send me a file from a word processing program. I do not want pdfs.

Naming your second Instructions submission

Please follow the instructions below for naming your second submission of the instructions.

Name for file (goes inside folder):


Place the new file in the same instructions folder you created for the first submission.

Again, you should submit your original document. Feel free to add a .pdf copy if you are concerned about how the document will appear (and if you are using a program that isn’t common, let me know beforehand to make sure I can access it).

Naming conventions for first submission of your instructions

Screen capture from Google Drive of a new folder being created
Screen capture from Google Drive

To submit the instructions assignment, I would like everyone to make a new folder inside their course folder on Google Drive.

Name for folder (goes inside course folder in Google Drive):

4. Instructions and Documentation

Name for file (goes inside folder):


I prefer for you to submit the original document file for your instructions. Feel free to add a .pdf copy if you are concerned about a display issue (and if you are using a program that isn’t common, let me know beforehand to make sure I can access it), but, in all cases, also include your original file.